Are you wasting time with Facebook?

By April 28, 2014Uncategorized


For many people, this is the case.  Even though productivity impact may not rival sporting events (the recent March Madness or coming World Cup as examples), it does have a more lasting impact on corporate & individual productivity.  Having said that, that is NOT the focus of this post.

What I am talking about is whether you as an organization, corporation or business owner are using your Facebook presence effectively.

Facebook is more widely known than many other social media channels. It has some distinct advantages over some of the newer and trendier social media platforms. Specifically, it has a massive number of users and they have the widest demographic spread. With the deployment of Graph Search and the more recent experiments with other search features, Facebook continues to be a great tool to use in your marketing efforts.

• NAP–Make sure your business location is entered in correctly and consistently. This is sometimes referred to as NAP (name, address and phone number).

• Profile Picture–Make sure you correctly size your profile picture. If using a logo, make sure the complete logo can be seen.

• Cover Photo–For cover page, try to include a visually attractive photo and include a good size version of your logo on it. You really want to capture attention with this photo, so take care in this effort.  It may be worth buying some stock art or taking a high-quality photo.  Change this on a fairly regular basis to keep up interest.

• Link to other your other social media sites and to your website.  This should be obvious, but it often missed.

• Fill out ever profile field. Facebook has more of these than any other platform, so you’ll need to spend some time here. As much as possible, use descriptive language and accurate information to help your followers feel more connected with the brand. Facebook regularly adds to these, so make sure to review quarterly.

• Keep your profile information consistent across social media platforms.  This will positively impact search results.

• If you started Facebook some time ago, include key milestones in the life of your company. Give it a personal flavor, if possible.

• Consider adding appropriate apps and make sure they are visible.  This could be for things like reviews, contests or other “calls to action.”

• Create some “Facebook only” offers that will drive people to engage on your page.  Although this may be challenging to do for every social media platform, the effort will help you identify from where you are getting the greatest number of leads.

That about wraps it up.  Ultimately, if you’ve made the effort to set up a Facebook page and are posting to it regularly, make sure you take time to set it up properly.  This will help ensure you gain the most value from this strong social media platform.